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Engineering Practical Solutions

RamRod‘s highly knowledgeable engineers can evolve the right designs for new cylinder applications; reverse engineer existing products, or manufacture according to the drawings and specifications of other manufacturers. We can review existing designs for meaningful cost reductions, or provide practical, cost-effective re-designs for competitor’s cylinders with unacceptable failure rates.

RamRod’s engineering group draws on many years of experience to provide exceptional cylinder designs, product support and customer service. Our skilled engineers utilize the latest in AutoCAD and 3-D modeling software to enhance the customer-inclusive design process. Our goal is to evolve quality custom cylinder designs that both, meet the unique requirements of our OEM partners, and are also efficient to manufacture.

Our engineering team has extensive knowledge and contact within the industry, which enhances our ability to develop simple solutions to complex challenges. Engineering at RamRod provides exceptional customer service, speed, agility and accuracy in its design process.

The RamRod design team relies heavily on tried and true calculations to ensure that critical design constraints are met with the most cost effective materials and configurations. Experience and testing also assist in integral component selection to ensure that effective sealing and wear characteristics are maintained. RamRod specializes in application specific designs, and uses the latest technologies to develop cylinder solutions that meet or exceed customer expectations.


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